The American Way of Life

Learning by speaking                                                            

How often do you get the chance to practice your English with a native speaker? And what would  you ask them?

Year 11 of our school recently got the chance to meet a young teacher from the USA to get to know the culture from a new perspective. The women introduced herself as Alexa York from a small farm in Ohio. She was asked to present the American way of life to our class and therefore told us about a typical school day, the ridiculous amount of parking lots, the gun law and  many more interesting topics. She did not just name facts but actually based her presentation on her own experiences, which gave us a personal impression of life in the USA. After her detailed speech we were encouraged to ask her anything that came to our minds. So we asked questions such as if you can buy guns at the supermarket, if American films portrayed a realistic impression of high school life or if she had ever personally shot a gun before. Regardless of how stupid the questions were, she did not judge and answered honestly.

All in all the lesson was very informative and a fun way of learning a language. So we hope that the younger grades will also get the opportunity to have a face to face learning experience  with a real American.

To Alexa York

We enjoyed your company and want to thank you for your personal view inside American culture.

Clara Denkewitz (11/1)